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Clubs and Associations

The Buddhist Society

  • Teacher in-Charge : Mrs. Sepalika Padigama
  • Treasurer : Mrs. M. K. P. Malani

The Buddhist Society is the main society which organizes the annual alms giving & the Pirith ceremony memorizing the Hon. Founder of our school also organize a special occasion for the anniversary of the school. All the religious ceremonies of the school [Vesak festival, Poson festival and etc] are organized by this society. For 2 consecutive years the society was able to organize an alms-giving at the temple of tooth relic (Dalada Maligawa) in a g rand way.

Information Technology Unit and Web Team

  • Teacher in-Charge : Mrs. Chamali Gunasena

This unit brings the opportunity for grade 10 & 11 students to study Information Technology for O/Ls & in the year 2008 A/L students too got the chance to face for the General Information Technology for A/Ls.  Last year, the students showed 100% results for IT in O/Ls.
Providing technical assistance in every occasion is the prime obligation of this unit and it also provids free internet facilities after school for students.

Designing the school web site is one of the greatest achievements of this unit with the help of the OGA.

World Link Society

  • Teacher in-Charge: Mrs. M. S. F. Hasana.

World Link Society was established in February 2007. This society carries out DFID Global School Partnership programme co-ordinated by the British Council in Colombo. The students gain novel experiences in various aspects, such as awareness of global issues, understanding different global cultures etc. which shape their future with true spirit of global dimensions. To promote cultural awareness among students, the society organized an “International Day” on 02 April 2009. It was a fascinating occasion as students represented diverse cultures of various countries in this world. Students exchange views with their partner school, Kineton High school at Warwickshire in UK through this society. Students exchange pen pal letters do projects in different themes.

Both schools have planned together to carry out curriculum-based projects & activities in future. Both schools won the reciprocal visit grant & partnership coordinators got the opportunity to visit the partner school in 2009.  And since year 2010 every year a group of students along with teachers got a chance to visit their partner school.

in 2010 – 6 Sanghamittians and 2 teachers visited KHS
in 2011- 10 Sanghamittians and 2 teachers visited KHS, 12 KHS students and 2 teachers visited Sanghamittain 2012- 11 Sanghamittians and 2 teachers visited KHS, 12 KHS students and 2 teachers visited Sanghamitta

Media Unit

  • Teachers in-Charge: Mr. K.K.S. Dilhan, Mrs. A. Hindurangala, Ms. J. Ponnampuruma.

Media Unit holds a very important position in the school handling all the procedures of special functions that take place within the school. Each year the Media Unit organizes a Media Day “Sahurdha” with the participation of the club members and students from invited schools.

English Unit

  • Teacher in-charge: All the English Teachers

“English Day Celebrations – 2012″ was a great opportunity for the students to practice what they learnt during the past year.
2008- Junior Dialogue Drama –“ Cheating Death” National level -3rd Place
2009- Senior Dialogue Drama – “Lady Windermere’s Fan” – National Level selected
Primary Dialogue Drama- “Emperors New Clothes”- Zonal level – 1st Place
Senior Dialogue Drama- “Wild Duck”- Zonal level – 1st Place
Senior Poetic Drama- “Macbeth”- Zonal level – 2nd Place

Traffic Unit

  • Teacher in-charge: Mrs. Bandu Mayakaduwa

This unit performs an important role by controlling vehicles at the main gates of the school, & ensuring the protection of the students at the beginning & the end of the school. The main aim of the unit is to develop the self-confidence, leadership & personality of the students.
Each year they organize a traffic day with the participation of all the members of the unit.

Girls Guides Unit

  • Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Shyama Rajapaksha, Mrs. S.M. Siriwardena, Mrs. Geethanjali Weerasekara

Teacher in Charge of Little Friends group – Deepthi Paranawithana
Nadeerani Amarasooriya etc.

Girl Guides unit of Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya belongs to a proud history of 70 years. The aim of their unit is to develop self-confidence and leadership qualities of the pupils in order to create future female leaders. At present this unit consists of five little friend groups, three Girl Guide groups and a Senior Girl Guide group. Out of these there are 60 wing holder little friends and also there are 200 little friends in our school.
In year 2008, the unit achieved its potential by giving birth to 11 president guides and Bronze medolist recording the highest performance in the Island.

Radha Hemani and Hasini Chamodhika of our school participated in the 90th anniversary camp held in Singapore representing the country.
In 2010 we had four President Guides
In 2011 up to 13 and one President Guide with Bronze Medal. Girl Guides Unit of Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya is leading to its path of success.
Our annual challenge trophy “Sanghamith Challenge Trophy 2011” was held successfully with the participation of many popular schools. Girl guides representing our school won the All Island Challenge Trophy organized of Mahamaya Vidyalaya Kandy in 2011.

Astronomy Club

Teacher in Charge: Mrs. N. W. Pushpakumari

Active participation in exploring new field in Astronomy with the fast developing technology is the main target of the astronomy society.
Placing 2nd & 4th in the 2009 Star Party organized by Ananda College in co-operation with the Mahamaya Girls School, Kandy is one of the greatest achievements of the society.

 Sinhala Drama Club

  • Teacher in charge: Mrs. K.U.R.S. Subhashini Rathnayaka, Mrs. Lakshi Chandima, Mrs Deepika Abeyrathna

Drama club was established in the aim enhancing creative talents via aesthetic savor of students. Also our Sinhala Drama Club brings the victory to the school every year in their gorgeous plays.


  • All island inter school Tower hall drama competition-2006
      1st  place – “Padmawathi” nurti.
      Best actress – Kasuni Gibsan.
  • All island inter school Drama competition – 2006
      Drama –  “Magul Prasthawa”.
      Best actress – Kasuni Gibson.
      Best assistant actor – Sisini Trikawala.
      Special merit awards –  Dinithi Walgama.
  • All island inter school Tower hall drama competition – 2007
      1st place  –  “Vidura” nurti.
      Best Actress – Hemansa Anandi.
      Best direction – Mrs. M.D. Aberathne.
      Best production
      Best costume designer
      Best music
      Best make up
      Best background props and sets
  • All island inter school Tower hall Drama competition – 2007
      1st  place – “Guru Sitha Noridawa”.
      Best actor – Pruthuvi Digashi Senevirathne.
      Best assistant actress – Rasara.
      Special merit awards  –  Nuwangi Mihitha Yatamalagala Arachchi
  • Hapuli Vimala.
      Best direction
      Best Production
      Best script writing
      Best make-up
      Best dress designing
      Best music
  • 2007-  “Shri Wichrama Noorthiya”
      Best Actress-D.Hemansa Anandi
      Best Direction-2nd place
      Best production-2nd place
  • 2008-2009-All island Tower hall Drama competition
      “Dawasa apata adarei”
      Best Actress-Dewdini Senara Rathnayaka
      Best assistant actress-Jayani Sarala Kariyawasam
  • 2009-2010-All island tower hall Drama competition
      “Padmavathi noorthiya”
      2nd best production
      Best Direction
      Best Actor-Thilini  Darshani Maliduwa Vithanage
      Merit Awards

    1. Apeksha Kodiththuwakku
    2. D.Hemansa Anandi
    3. Ridma Harshani WIckramasinghe
    4. D.C.A. Pabasara Muthuhari
      Merit award for background designing
  • All island interschool Drama competition-2011
      New dramatic creations based on folk drama –“Ran Puhula”- 2nd place
      Best assistant actor-Sakuni Thiwanka
      Best Direction
      Best music
      Best make up
      Best dress designing

Sinhala Unit

  • Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Violet Kodithuvakku

All the Sinhala teachers are supporting the association. And also they contribute in participating students for the competitions.
All island and national championships
63th  “Gurudew Kumarathungu memorial competition”
Creative Writing-1st place-Shaluka Mayumindi Jayasekara
Senior division – short stories- 1st  place, national  championship- Yowni Manthila       Gunasinghe

All Island  oratory  competition  organized  by   the  Educational  Department
1st  place- K. K.  Gimhani  Anuththara
International  cooperative competitions- Presidential Awards
Creative  writing- Dinusha.L.Egodage.
Oratory-  K.K.Thilini  Hansani

All Island  Creative  Writing  Competition  organized  by  Mohanlal  Grero Foundation
1st place- A.M. Poornima Madumali

Sinhala Language and  Literary  Competition
All Island 1st  place- lyrics- M.W.Anupama de Silva

88th International cooperative competition
Senior  division -  Oratory- 1st place- K.K Thilini  Hansani
“Lowa dinana  sigiththo”  All Island Competition organized  by  HNB
Short stories- 1st place- W.V. Paviththra

67th Kumarathunga Munidasa memorial Competition
Senior Essay Writing – All Island 3rd Place – Kithmali Gayathri Senevirathna
Credit- Shaluka Mayumindi Jayasekara
89th International cooperative Competition 2011
10-11 Sinhala Creative Writing -  Winma S. Heenatigala
12-13 English Creative Writing – Sithumi Kodithuwakku

Southern Provincial Literary Competition parallel to the Art Festival
Narrating Stories ( 1- 4)- 1st Place – Sandani Malshani Roddrigo
Verse Writing- 2nd Place – Umasha Chathurangi Wickramasingha
Dr.C.W.W.Kannangara  memorial Competition conducted by OBA of Richmond College
Credit – Essay Writing – Sewwandi Indrachaapa  Pieries
-Prabuddhi  Prashnsha Sudusingha
Verse Writing-W.D.Niroshani

Western Music Unit

  • Teacher in Charge: Mrs.Nadee Gayashini
  • The band master : Mr. Roshan Galwaduge
  • The present band leaders
  • Senior – Dinithi Karunasena , Malsha Guruge
  • Junior- Malshani Karunarathna
  • Primary – Lakmuthu

This unit comprises of all the students studying western music as a subject and all the members of Primary, Junior and senior Western Band enriching all school functions.

Western Music
Senior melodica group got 1st place in all island Competitions. It was conducted by Kumudu Gunawardana.
Wind Ensemble group got 1st place in Provincial and 3rd place in All island competition.It was conducted by Beshilka Dulshani.
The country dance got 1st place in this Competition.
The senior western band participated to the SAARC ceremony held in Colombo 2006.It was conducted by Beshilka dulshani.

The junior melodica group got 1st place conducted by Dinith Karunasena and the senior melodic group got 1st place conducted by Agana Gunawardana in All island competitions.
The country dance got 2nd  place in these competitions.

The School western band participated in the president play in school prize giving.

The open melodica group got 2nd place conducted by Ishara Jayawickrama and the senior melodica group got 1st place conducted by Tishini Molinda in the all island competitions.
The country dance got 3rd place in this competition.
The Wind Ensemble got 2nd place in the provincial level.

Leiderkranz  2011

It was a very interesting incident to all the students in the western music unit. All the students of western music unit  worked hard for the success of this occasion. It was held in 17th September at the Karapitiya Medical Faculty Auditorium. There were band displays, the chorus, one ballet dance, violin recitals etc.
The members of the senior band participated to the southern orchestra.
Senior band participate in every Independence Day celebration held in Galle.
In every sports meet the school senior band decorate it with glamorous band display.

Globe Society

  • Teacher in Charge: Mrs. L. M. Kariyawasam, Mrs. T. S. Mahanama

G – Global
L – Learning
O – Observation
B – Benefit
E – Environment

Globe society was established in the latter part of 2002. The aim of this society is to build up communication among students, teachers and scientists in the world to promote scientific understanding in the study of environment. The members of the society obtain a chance to study about environmental conditions like atmosphere, water, soil and vegetation etc. Society organizes workshop to increase the curiosity among students to do researches.

“MIHIRU 2005”
MIHIROO 2005 was held with the attendance of all the members in globe societies in Sri Lanka.
In 2010 Globe society organized trips to apply the learned theorems practically.
In 2004, Sanghamiththian Globe society was placed 1st in the inter-school Globe competition.
The project done by the Nuwangi Pathirana, who is a sister of our school, was the best project in the Galle zone.

UN Volunteer Force

UN Volunteer force can be identified as an active force within the school which has gained a vast development during the past three years.
Teacher in charge-Miss. Ruvini
President – Dinithi Tharaka Fernando
Vice president- Nirasha Madhushani Godellage
Treasurer –Sithumi Agasi Kodithuwakku

Achievements -   Selected members of the UN club have been able to participate in Srilankan Model
United Nations from 2008 onwards.
Furthermore, students representing our school annually participate for the Indian
Model United Nations which is held in India.
And also we are glad to announce that we have gained the chance of participating
In the Model UN workshops that will be held in Russia and USA respectively this year.

Objectives-       Major objectives of UN are
Involve more students in the social services
Promote social services by engaging in charities
Involve more students in active participation in SLMUN conferences
Helping schools and social institutions with less facilities.

Charities-    The UN Volunteer Force of our school has done a massive number of charities within a short period of time
Members raised funds by selling bookmarks and with the money obtained and with the aid of PPA they donated instruments for an eastern music band of Panama Maha Vidyalaya which is a rural school situated in Ampara district.  Also for this Charity our colleagues of the Senior Eastern Band donated their former costume.
The UN Volunteer Force organized a car wash near the school gate on 4th April 2012 on behalf of a Cancer patient who is a father of a student in our school. The car wash organized was a success with the guidance of our teachers and they were able to reach the estimated amount of money.

And furthermore the UN Volunteer Force has organized a charity in Ruhunu Orphanage Kithulampitiya on 25th of December 2011. And they spend the whole day at the orphanage looking after the kids providing them with a lovely tea.

And also they held a skin camp for the kids of the Ruhunu Orphanage who are in real need of treatments for their problems related to skin of the kids. The medications are provided by the PPA.

Sinhala Debating

  • Teacher in charge : Mrs.Violet Kodithuwakku, Mr.S.N.Shantha
  • No.of students : 120
  • President : Yahamalee Gayana Jayawardhane
  • Vice president : Iresha Madubhashini
  • Secretary : Sithara Sewwandi

Present debating team engage in their debates as junior and senior debating teams.
Junior Debating Team
Sachini Tharinda
Naweena Jeewanthi
Savindi Dilhani
Chandi Namasha
Senior Debating Team
Yahamalee Gayana
Iresha Madubhashini
Sithara Sewwandi
Harshi Anjalee


The debating competition organized by the ‘Sirasa’ media with the intention of creating future leaders was held in 2004. We are glad that the participants of our school were qualified for the finals.
Deepika Thanthrige
Deshani Koralage
Oshadi Jayasinghe
Chathumini Janesha De Silva

The Island wide debating competition organized by Mahinda College, Galle was held in 2008. We are proud to say that the team representing our school was selected for the finals.

Heshani Darshika
Gimhani Anuththara
Chamini Nanayakkara
Omali Udeshika

‘The Challenging Trophy of debate’ competition of Mr.Methsiri De Silva was held in year 2009.We are happy to tell that the team of Sanghamitta was qualified for the finals.

Thilini Hansani
Yahamalee Jayawardana
Sawani Prasadini
Nuwangi Pathirana

All Island Debating competition organized by the Sri Lankan Police was held on the World Children’s Day 2010 and we won the second place.

Sithara Sewwandi
Sachini Tharinda
Savindi Dilhara
Naweena Jeewanthi

The debating team representing our school participated in the Island Wide debating competition organized by the Science section of University of Peradeniya in 2012.

First-Aid Unit

Through improving humanity and working under motto of, “service to the mankind” the first –aid unit of our school contributes its maximum during day to day activities and different occasions of the school, by providing necessary first aid in an emergency.

  • Members:  Around 60 students.  (from Grade 6 to Grade 11)
  • Teacher in charge: Miss Vasana Ranawaka.
  • Cadet leader: K.H. Ganesha Akmeemana.
  • Sergeant:  Sanduni Divyanjali, Tharushi Dilshani.
  • Corporal:  L.W. Pavani Prabudika, Sasanjali Subhasinghe.

First aiders also take part in parade in the school sports meet and official independence festival of southern province annually.


This unit was able to win the Runner-up in the Elle, Kabadi, Netball, categories in the district level first aid sports meet 2012.
Our school first aid unit was able to win the 2nd place in the annual first aid tournament in 2011.
Pavani Prabudika a member in this unit was able to win the “Best Camper” award in the district first aid camp 2010.
First aiders also participate in the district level camps annually, with the enthusiasm to serve to the mankind.

Eastern Music and Dancing Section

The teachers in-charge:
Mrs.G.M.S Dayanitha

Eastern music section is a prominent section in the school. It participates in each and every celebration in the school by singing and playing.
Eastern music section plays a vital role in organizing annual Bhakthi Geetha ceremony.
Our eastern music section participates in all island music and drama competitions every year and successfully wins those competitions.

Eastern music section, Dancing section and drama section collectively hold a concert once two years. It is called ‘Kumari Rangahara’. All the  items which won during the particular two years are preformed in the concert.

All island singing competitions.
In 2010 and 2011 we have participated in the all island music and drama competitions and placed 1st in the provincial level and 3rd place in the All Island level from both senior level group female, North Indian Raga associated Kyal singing competition and open sector group “Pancha wadana’ competition in 2010.Here are the participants of ‘Raga’ based ‘kyal’ singing competition.
Thamali Nikeshal Wickramarathna
P.B.Sithara sewwandi
Thusiru Sankaja Karunarathna
Ushani Indu Amaya Hewawitarana
D.yasaswi Bhagyani devasirinarayana
B.Lakshani Erandika Jayasinghe
T.M.Aruni Asiri
G.Shashini Kawshalya Vijesiri
D.Hemansa Anandi
Thilini Darshani Maliduwa Withanage
D.Shashikala Sewwandi
R.H.Ramesha Madushani Ranasinghe
M.T.Dilini Sandaruwani
K.H.Nimasha Madubashini
P.L.Shishani Ransi Lakshika
K.K.Apsara Erandi
Piyumi Jayasarani Burtholameous
H.K.praclisha Nuwani
J.D.Kithmni Prasangika
Nuwani Dulshani Kodithuwakku
Wageesha Lakdini kariyawasam
W.K.Ayesha Madumali

The participants of the ‘Pancha Wadana’ competition are as follows
W.K.Malshani Sasikala
Nuwani Duleesha Kodithuwakku
Anuradhi Kithmini Kahhaduwa
R.G.Samanthika Sanjeewani
W.K.Ayesha Madumali

In 2011 also we have participated in all island music and drama competition and were able to place 2nd provincial level senior sector female group simple classical singing competition. We were able to take the 1st place in provincial level in the open sector folk song associated orchestra competition. As well as our Eastern music section was able to place 2nd in all island level senior sector group female folk songs (Udarata Shanthikarma Gee) competition.
Dinithya S. Pathirage
I.W.M.D.Anjali Pabasara
Navodya Gathmini Amarasena
Bhagya Disanayaka
U.G.Namodi  Surangana
M.Thirasara Thepulini
P.K.Thinupa Pulsarani
D.R.Hiruni Kevindya
B.V.Hirushi Bandara
W.A.Dilhara Thathsarani
K.M.T.Dilshani de Silva
D.M.U.Chathurangani Wickramasinghe
N.W.K.D.Deshani Chandrasekara
B.H.T.Madhushani Rathsarani
L.S.S. Wettasinghe
G.G.Madara Sandeepani
Vidarshi Vasundara Kalansooriya
Participated in playing instruments
W.K.Malshani Sasikala
Lakdini Wageesha Kariyawasam
S.Sankaji de Silva
S.Nirmani Nayanathara Hettiarachchi
K.G.Kawshalya Pubudumali

Kala Kawaya

  • Teacher  Incharge: Mrs. Jayanthi Kulathilaka.
  • Assistant Teachers: Mrs.Asela  Amarani, Mrs.Kumari  Walpitagamage

The  main  ambition of  this  art  campaign  is  to  getting  the  hidden  art  talents of  school  children.  Under  this  art   campaign  we were  able  to  won  prizes  for  these  were  conducted  under  district, school, zonal, provincial  and  international  level.  This  was  conducted  to  all  the  children  from  grade  01  to  grade  13  &  this  art  society will  be  having  on  every  Monday  from  1.30  p.m.  to  3.30  p.m.  in school  permission.



School Cooperative Unit

The president of the school cooperative unit is our Madam principal Mrs.Saraswathi Dahanayake. And the treasurer of the unit is Mrs.Indika Weerasingha. The vice president, Secretary, Vice secretary and vice treasurer are from Grade 12 Commerce section.
The unit is supervised by the Cooperative Development department. Currently cooperative unit is managed by Miss.Niluka Tharangani.The goods are only bought from registered authorities. The cooperative unit work for the welfare for the students in the school by selling goods at a lower price than the selling price.