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Past Principal’s Message

The Principal’s Message – Mrs. Saraswathy Dahanayake

As the incumbent principal I am happy that the students are taking up the job to create the website. We have been unable to complete the gigantic task. It needs lots of work and hours too to finish the designing of the page and we were unable to spend our time on it.

Since we are already working to win the international accreditation through the British Council of Sri Lanka we felt we needed the school website as soon as possible. Now am very glad that girls have gone forward where we elders have failed. Since the schools in Sri Lanka are mostly government financed access is limited only to pay the facility fee of LKR 2.00 and membership fee of the school development society LKR 36.00 for the entire year. However schools such as ours need more than the stated amount to provide the facilities we offer to our students. It’s my vision as the principal of the school to ensure that the girls who will help develop the country and the next generation. The girls today will be the future leaders of the country. They will rock the cradle of the future generation as well as be the effective members of the society. Being a lady, a mother or simply housewives make a huge impact to the society. One is able to manage a house hold and also to keep home which in itself a great task for the society.





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